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The Benefits of nuhumun CBD Topicals

By nuhumun | August 20, 2019

Welcome back to the nuhumun blog, where we dive deep into the CBD products we offer and other useful information about CBD and the CBD Industry.

In today’s blog we’ll be breaking down all of the essential info you need to know about the CBD topicals that we offer at nuhumun. We like to make these blogs in an attempt to demystify the CBD industry, and give you some helpful information so you can get the CBD products that work best for your needs.

Keep reading to learn about CBD topicals, what they are, and what they do!

CBD Topicals

A topical is simply a product with medicinal benefits that is applied to the skin. Topicals can come in many forms, for instance, it can come as a salve, lotion, body butter, or massage oil, just to name a few.

A CBD topical is a product that can be applied to the skin, that contains and administers CBD into your body. This makes CBD topicals a great solution for people who are looking to manage their chronic pain and people looking for a perfect way to deal with aching muscles after a workout.

The Benefits of nuhumun’s CBD Topical Salve

nuhumun creates CBD products that are second to none, especially our topical salves. Let’s break down the reasons.

High Quality CBD

Most importantly, any products from nuhumun contain our incredible full-spectrum CBD extract. When you purchase one of our salves, you can be confident that you’re getting the best on the market.

There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that suggest CBD can help manage depression, chronic pain, anxiety, and improve sleep or focus!

We take immense pride in our CBD and making sure that we’re leading the industry in making incredible, reliable CBD.

Freedom Of Choice

At nuhumun, we recognize that all of our customers are different and have different needs. Because of this, we carry regular strength CBD topical salve that has 100 mg of our amazing CBD, and an extra strength CBD topical salve that contains 200 mg of our CBD.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to selecting a dosage that works for you, we offer a variety of scents to make your CBD experience that much more enjoyable.

Choose a tropical topical with our Hawaiian Mist scent, embrace the scents of the forest with our woody Cedarwood scent, or enjoy the classic, delightful scent of Lavender and Vanilla!

Relaxing Application Method

One of the best things about topicals, specifically our awesome CBD topical salve, is that they provide all the amazing, relaxing benefits of CBD, but they also provide the perfect opportunity to practice some much needed self-care.

Take some time to massage the CBD topical salve when applying it to your skin to loosen the muscles, streamline your body’s absorption of the CBD, and achieve optimal relaxation.

Even swap out your usual massage lotion for our CBD topical salve when getting a massage from a partner or close friend — you’ll love the way it feels!

nuhumun CBD Products

At nuhumun, we make high-quality CBD products to help heighten the health and wellness of all who use it.

We’ve realized the amazing benefits of CBD, and we’re passionate about sharing them with the world. We hope that this blog has helped to answer some of your questions about CBD topicals, and specifically the amazing salves we produce.

If you’re not sure that CBD topical salves are the best CBD product for you, visit our store today! We also offer a wide variety of CBD micromists and CBD softgels. We have products designed to help with focus or sleep, as well as good-old-fashioned CBD. Shop today!

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