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Should I Use CBD for Workout Recovery?

By nuhumun | August 08, 2019

Whether you’re a serious athlete or are just now prioritizing incorporating exercise into your routine for the first time, it’s important to prioritize workout recovery. Your after-exercise routine has a huge impact on how much progress you make towards your fitness goals. If you want to perform well, it’s imperative to establish a sound workout recovery plan. 

There are many different potential habits you can incorporate into your routine that will aid in muscle recovery. You can prioritize rest, stretch, eat nutritious foods, and drink lots of fluids after you work out. Many also choose to take a supplement to enhance their recovery. Since CBD has become more popular, many athletes are choosing to add it to their routines, whether as a topical for sore muscles or a softgel capsule to reduce inflammation throughout the entire body.   

Why Workout Recovery is Important

Despite the fact that it’s well-established that recovery is important for athletic performance, many people overtrain and may even feel guilty about taking a rest day. This is working against them, as not prioritizing recovery can lead to injury. Anyone who is going to participate in athletic activity needs to keep workout recovery on their radar. 

When we work out, we actually create small tears in our muscles and they become inflamed, which is why you experience soreness the day or two after your workout. When we prioritize recovery, we allow the body time to repair this damage, which sets us up for success in our next workouts. Without an intentional post-workout plan, we continually cause damage to these muscles, sabotaging efforts to get stronger. 

CBD and Workout Recovery Research 

While CBD research is still in its infancy, there are a variety of health applications that look promising, and workout recovery is one of them. When the muscles are damaged during your workout, it causes inflammation, resulting in stiff, aching muscles. Many athletes have begun incorporating CBD into their workout recovery program due to its anti-inflammatory effects. CBD has also been shown to be powerful for pain relief, which may help athletes as they recover from injuries as well. 

How to Use CBD for Workout Recovery

If you’re looking to add CBD into your workout recovery routine, you have a few options in terms of how to use it. 

  • Take a CBD supplement before working out: Some athletes will use a proactive approach to workout recovery by taking a CBD supplement right before working out. For example, you could take a CBD softgel with your pre-workout so that the effects begin to kick in after your workout is complete.


  • Use your MicroMist immediately after your workout: Alternatively, you can use your nuhumun MicroMist right after you finish working out. This will deliver a quick dose of CBD when applied sublingually right after your cool down.  
  • Use a topical salve the day after your workout: CBD is also useful for addressing muscle soreness that occurs a day or two after working out. 


At nuhumun, we offer several CBD products that you might want to incorporate into your workout recovery routine. Shop our CBD topical, CBD softgels, and CBD sprays today!


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