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nuhumun Topical Salve Regular Strength contains 100mg of CBD per 1oz. container. nuhumun slaves are fast-acting and contain arnica for added anti-inflammatory benefits. Our products go on smooth and won’t leave you feeling greasy. Perfect for post workout or general aches and pains. Cedarwood scented is reminiscent of the Colorado hills where our products are sourced. You can also choose from Hawaiian Mist, or Lavender Vanilla.

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nuhumun Topical Salves Regular Strength contain 100mg CBD, pure coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, sesame oil, soybean oil, essential oils, cetyl alcohol, arnica, and vitamin E. All of our products are sourced in Colorado.

1 review for nuhumun Topical Salve Cedarwood (Regular)

  1. Calvin T.

    I have struggled with psoriasis for a long time. My Dr. gave me an oily topical steroid. I hated it. Was greasy and got on my clothes around my elbows. I stopped using it. I tried this nuhumun and really like the way it’s working. It’s not greasy either so I take it with me and use it throughout the day.

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