nuhumun MicroMist Restful Sleep + Vanilla (Regular)


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If you’re having trouble sleeping and don’t like the unpleasant tincture experience before bed, nuhumun MicroMist spray is for you. A simple spray under the tongue delivers a medically precise 3.3mg of cannabidiol and .33mg of melatonin. Our nuhumun Sleep MicroMist starts absorbing within seconds and our great vanilla flavor is a wonderful treat before you close your eyes.

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1 spray below the tongue per use. Approximately 150 sprays per bottle. 96%-99% pure isolated CBD. 0.0% THC. Sugar-free, gluten-free. Sustainably sourced MCT oil suspension. Store upright at room temperature (60-85 degrees). All of our products are sourced in Colorado.

3 reviews for nuhumun MicroMist Restful Sleep + Vanilla (Regular)

  1. Jennifer

    Wonderful!!! I am a big fan! Thank you for helping me sleep!

  2. Mellissa

    The very first night I tried this sleep spray was the first night I slept, un-interrupted in months. The delivery was fast.

  3. Rob

    This is a super cool way to use CBD + melatonin for sleep. It is so easy and it worked well.

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