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CBD Products and Focus: How It Can Help

By nuhumun | November 06, 2019

How often do you experience that mid-afternoon slump, during which it feels impossible to keep your eyes open, let alone focus on anything? Or maybe the problem is that you have a hard time getting going in the mornings, even after several cups of coffee. Whatever the case, focus troubles are a big concern for a majority of adults. There are myriad options out there that promise to give you energy and help you focus, but most of them are only temporary fixes. If you want a natural way to help improve your focus on an ongoing, consistent basis, the answer may well be to turn to CBD.

CBD and The Body

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural compound produced by the cannabis plant, but, to be clear, this is a product that does not contain the psychoactive compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) that the cannabis plant is rather infamous for. CBD is actually a natural, non-psychoactive, and — thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill — federally legal substance. So, what does this cannabis-derived compound have to do with focus? A surprising amount, actually!

When looking at CBD for focus, it’s important to understand how CBD interacts with the body. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a system that runs throughout the body and exists in the brain, connective tissue, organs, glands, and immune cells. The endocannabinoid system includes a series of receptors that help with communication between those different systems, but it also helps those systems reach homeostasis (or equilibrium) within themselves. When taking CBD, it interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors and helps systems like your brain or lungs adjust how they perform. This is the high-level, basic introduction to how CBD can help you find better focus. 

CBD and Focus: Specific Impacts

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, scientists can now conduct more in-depth research into CBD and how it impacts the body. This is still a relatively young field of study, so there is a lot we have yet to understand about how CBD works and what it can do for the body. As research continues, we will get more specific information about how CBD interacts with different systems in the body, and what that means for treating different health concerns. Speaking broadly, though, CBD research so far has suggested a few key ways in which CBD may be able to help with focus:

CBD and Sleep

One of the most common reasons adults struggle with focus, especially if you have ongoing focus issues, is poor sleep. This includes sleep that is not restful or deep enough, as well as simply sleeping long enough each night. Now, there are a wide variety of reasons so many people have poor sleep, so understanding the underlying reason will help you figure out how to find relief, and thus, be able to focus better. 

One of the CBD uses that has been suggested from studies so far is that CBD may be able to help relieve anxiety. If you have trouble falling asleep, or struggle with insomnia, the anxiolytic (or anxiety-reducing) effects of CBD could provide you with the relief you seek. Studies so far suggest that CBD could be used as a treatment for generalized anxiety disorder, which can further help those who have insomnia or who struggle to fall asleep by calming symptoms of anxiety enough so that you can fall asleep more easily. Even if you do not struggle with anxiety, CBD can have relaxing effects, which can make it easier to fall asleep quickly.

The use of CBD products on a consistent basis has also been shown to help with the sleep-wake cycle. In simpler terms, using CBD products has been shown to help the body get sleep that is more restful for your body, even if you do not sleep any longer. Basically, CBD could help the body spend more time in REM sleep, which is the part of the sleep cycle your body needs for processing, learning, mental organization, memory, and so on. When the brain gets more time to process and organize everything that occurred during a day, you are more likely to wake up feeling refreshed and less scattered, which can offer you better focus throughout the day. 

CBD for Pain Relief

Another common reason that many individuals have a hard time finding focus, especially sustained focus, is because of physical complaints that are distracting. On a basic level, it can be hard to focus on tasks if you are feeling the discomfort of, say, sore muscles or aching joints. Even more than that, chronic pain in particular, but any level of pain generally, actually takes energy for your body to handle. Scientific study has found that CBD can be an effective, natural form of pain relief. In fact, the cannabis plant has been used as a natural pain relief remedy for millennia, and studies are confirming those purported benefits as well as exploring how to better target CBD’s pain-relieving benefits to specific parts of the body. Topical CBD products like lotions and salves can help to direct CBD to the areas needed, but ingestible options like CBD oil could also provide pain-relieving benefits. And, generally speaking, when your aches or pain are taken care of, you’ll be better able to focus. 

Choosing CBD Products for Focus

CBD offers the potential to help your brain in a surprising variety of ways when it comes to improving focus naturally. Studies are still ongoing into all the many ways that CBD can be used to help with focus; however, results so far suggest that regular, ongoing use could provide the best results. Find the best CBD products to enjoy better benefits. Connect with Medimorphic to explore our options. 

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