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We put U first.

We are a medicinal cannabinoid company, and we think you deserve better.

  • U deserve to know exactly what you are putting in your body.
  • U deserve to know precisely how much you are using.
  • U deserve to know where your products are sourced.
  • U deserve to know how to take more control of your own health.
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Regular Gel-Cap

Science and Passion

nuhumun was developed with one thing in mind: U. Our CBD Softgels use nano-suspension technology to help your body efficiently absorb the highest concentration at a lower dosage, so you can make the most of U. Shop our CBD Softgels in Regular and Extra Strength, Sleep, and Focus formulations to see for yourself.

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nuhumun MicroMist CBD Spray

Humanity and Precision

nuhumun gives U control of your health. Our MicroMist CBD sprays deliver precise dosing at 2.5mg regular strength and 5mg extra strength in four great flavors and a Sleep formula. Check out our MicroMists to take advantage of the latest in CBD technology.

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Hawaiian Mist Extra

Heart and Discipline

Sometimes, U need care directly at the source of the problem. That’s where nuhumun CBD Topical Salves come in. Combining the power of CBD with one of three fragrant essential oils, you can apply relief right where you need it. For directed relief, shop our CBD Salves.

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